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35 - QUESTION:  Which three religions were introduced to China?

Answer:  Buddhism, Islam, and Nestorian Christianity.

The interaction of religions in Eurasia was facilitated by the trade routes. Buddhism, Islam, and Nestorian Christianity were introduced to both Tibet and the Xinjiang regions of China, and eventually to China's ancient capital Chang'an. Buddhism spread to China from India as early as the first century AD, and had an impact on Silk Road cities where monasteries and pagodas were constructed. Buddhism's influence was also seen in the art of the era, as more artists began using the image of the Buddha in their work. Later, Islam made its way across Central Asia and into China, when mosques and other sites of worship were built. Christianity was carried by European missionaries and took root in Tang China in 638 AD. Hinduism and Judaism also found adherents in China. Confucianism, one of China's main religions, developed within China.

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