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50 - QUESTION:  Can the Silk Road be travelled upon today?

Answer: Yes.

”The Silk Road today is a series of paved roads and train tracks that connect east to west along many of the paths of the old routes. Trade now takes less time and does not include silk as a major trade item. In today's world, rapid transport, travel, communications, and the forces of globalization are transforming and reshaping markets across the globe. As Silk Road economies prosper, younger generations will have the opportunity to better inform the international community about the realities of the “East,” which previously had been associated with mystery. As the modern-day 21st century version of the Silk Routes expands, nations along these routes must promote a more accurate understanding of their countries and reveal the opportunities their markets offer. The approaching century should be one in which the East and West live harmoniously. Enhanced relations are vital to cultivating this spirit so that modern-day exchanges and dialogue build a sound future with cultural, educational, scientific, economic and international cooperation.

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