Silk Road Trade & Travel Encyclopedia

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Create review material for use as a "Study Aid" on the Silk Road

>> Students should focus on the following headings:

1) WHERE? First things first, to get started you need to examine a world map.

2) WHEN? Consider the stages of the development of human civilizations.

3) WHO? Determine general locations of people living in the regions of the Silk Road (include dates, & maritime trade routes if any).

4) WHAT? Specify items of trade (specific goods, slaves, animals...).

5) WHY? List the range of reasons for trade routes, such as necessity, demand for luxury items, warfare, and communication.

6) HOW? Envision the means of transport with caravans, people, boats, as well as the geographical factors.

7) EVOLUTION - Note major events and changes related to the headings above.

>> Suggested topics to research when composing an essay on the Silk Road:

- Why is a definition of the Silk Road difficult to make (why have routes varied from century to century)?
- Beginnings of the Silk Road (with Chinese explorers such as Zhang Qian).
- Interaction between civilizations.
- Ancient inventions.
- Supply & demand of goods.
- Spice Routes & Incense Routes.
- Maritime nations.
- Trade and Bartering.
- Oases, mountain passes, & geographical features.
- Growth and decline of cities, and ports.
- Empires & rulers.
- Forms of art & architecture.
- Religion.
- Political motives.
- Historians, manuscripts & texts, museum displays.
- Eastern understanding of the West.
- Western understanding of the East.
- How the Silk Road was a conduit of culture and religion.
- Modern-day interest in the Silk Routes.

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